• Star play crossover design Start from a pair of shoes

    Remember the TV show "sex and the city", kelly has let all girls envy jealous of hate shoe? In real life, Christian louboutin montreal Sarah Jessica parker is also a love shoes. In February, parker in the play with her frequently wore a look of Blahni brand hand in hand, launched a named after her shoes series "SJP".

    "SJP" series of rich and colorful Canada christian louboutin outlet color, violet, green, blue, pink... Almost all have, all kinds of crayon color reflects the parker feminine style. Decorated with bowknot belt, bring some pearl leather processing mode is exciting. Styles including elegant T type, metal high-heeled shoes, suede shoes with flat and is Christian louboutin shoes discount woven with the shoe. Price between $195 and $485.

    Parker said, some of her inspiration from daily life, such as Mr When he was a hair band and flower fragrance christian louboutin in the closet, etc.; Some inspiration from the "sex and the city", such as flower decoration. She is also very confident and think "SJP" although simple, but not out of date.

    In the Disney movie recently "the sleeping curse," Angelina duos superb acting to deduce the witch's christian louboutin shoes role in a fairy tale, subverting the public mind. This unusual witch, impressive apart from that of great wings, and the demon of unique horns on his head.

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